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3 Reasons to Diversify Your Social Media Presence

“I’m on Facebook, why do I need to be on Instagram?” We receive questions like this one often. And while it may be a challenge to find the time to post to just one social media channel, here’s why you need to spread the love. Of course, we all have our favorite social media channels, but if your business’ presence is only on that preferred channel, you’re missing out on…

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4 Tips for Using Facebook Events to Boost Attendance

From throwing a small party at your office to hosting a nationwide conference with hundreds of guests, businesses should be utilizing the best free option for promoting their event – Facebook Events! 35 million people view a public event on Facebook everyday, which means easy exposure for you. However,  what businesses don’t always understand is that just creating…

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Our Take on the Facebook News Feed

Did you hear it? Savvy marketers around the world shouting a collective ‘Oh-No’ on and around January 12, 2018? That’s the day our friends at Facebook announced changes to their news feed. If you’re one of those still wondering what the future holds for this all-important marketing tool, well, read on as we have tried to summarize the key highlights for now…

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