Why Color Matters in Advertising

Color is one of the most fun and important tools used to design advertising.

We didn’t always have the luxury of using color. Decades ago, we only had the option of printing photos and advertisements in black and white. Today technology has not only given us the ability to print advertising in color, but now we can advertise digitally as well.

Using color in advertising not only grabs the viewer’s attention, it can influence emotion, improve communication and reinforce your brand.

When you open a newspaper, which do you notice first – ads in color or ads in black and white? According to the Harris Interactive April 2011 Color Survey, 76% say that advertising is more noticeable when it’s in color. And 54% are more likely to read a marketing piece if it’s printed in color. Research shows that color advertising is more noticeable.

Color in Advertising.png

Color can also influence a viewer’s emotions and actions. Many fast-food places use yellow and red in their advertising. Why are these colors popular to these restaurants? The color red is associated with desire, while yellow is known to be joyful, create hunger and demand attention. All these emotions together will draw customers in to eat at a fast-food place. Using a color according to its associated meaning can be a useful way to draw your customer in.

Mixing color into the body of your message improves communication. Using color text can highlight important details and get your message across quicker. According to the Harris Interactive April 2011 Color Survey, 76% think they can find information faster if its in color. And 25% print in color to improve retention while 21% print in color to reduce search time. Quick and memorable communication is important in advertising.

Color can also reinforce your brand. Not only does it reinforce the look and feel of your brand, it can make you stand out from the competition. Color is the first thing that is noticed, and most remembered, about a brand. Using the right colors, and using them often, will make your brand easily recognized. A 2007 study by the University of Loyola, Maryland, found that the correct use of color could increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

Color is so important that it’s been the subject of many studies. It’s an effective way to communicate and retain information.