Don’t Write a Blog Without These


From humble beginnings, some say in a college dorm room in 1994, blogs have established themselves as a credible media for the sharing of information to mass audiences. From a business perspective, blogs serve as a platform to share relevant industry news or serve as a classroom for clients and prospective clients while establishing the organization as a thought leader.  Further empowered by the ability to share content through multiple social media platforms, blogging has earned its place in the marketing toolbox of successful organizations.

Here are three elements essential for every effective blog.

Match Content and Audience

Most blogging is done as a means to establish or expand business relationships.  Your organization must understand your target market and their business information needs. Your blog must address these needs – not just your products or services. How do I find out what information they want?  Ask.  Pick up the phone, email out a survey, post a question on your web site and on your social media platforms.

Be Consistent

Deliver on a consistent timeline. If your schedule is weekly, do it weekly. Likewise, monthly or whatever it may be, be consistent.  Let your audience know what to expect and then meet that expectation.

Also, it is very important to present the blog in a consistent voice. Your voice is a component of your brand, and should remain constant.  You are developing and cultivating a relationship with your customer and they expect a consistent voice.  Whether your organization utilizes one blog author or multiple, ensure all are trained on one message and tone.

Write and Write Well

While desktop computers, smart phones, and the internet have changed the way we share our written words, writing is still writing.  Writing not done well won’t attract a following.  Take some time to craft a well-written postutilizing scroll-stopping headlines, a great opening and information-packed content.

Think SEO, but don’t think too much.  The beauty of a well-crafted blog also includes the industry keywords your target audience is using to search for information.  Google Keyword Planner is a great resource for your industry’s most popular searchable keywords. However, pepper your blog with too many out-of-place keywords and not only will it make Google shave a few levels from your ranking, but your readers won’t find it worth reading.

We believe substance still outranks form and content is king. A good headline, a strong lead, and a concise body that tells a story, shares information or develops a thesis is still the key to successful writing, and whether that is in print or on a screen is irrelevant. It can have personality, it can have humor, or it can be stone cold serious, but it needs to be well written to deliver what your audience hungers for and to keep them coming back for more.

Our next post on the topic of blogging will share tips and tools to help your blog maximize audience reach.  So stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you need help with your blogging strategy contact us at 515.276.6010 or email us at