4 Tips for Using Facebook Events to Boost Attendance

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From throwing a small party at your office to hosting a nationwide conference with hundreds of guests, businesses should be utilizing the best free option for promoting their event – Facebook Events! 35 million people view a public event on Facebook everyday, which means easy exposure for you.  However,  what businesses don’t always understand is that just creating a Facebook event and letting it sit isn’t going to result in thousands of ticket sales. Here are 4 tips for utilizing Facebook Events to take your attendance to the next level!

1. Use Tags to Reach the Right People

When setting up your event, don’t skip the details. Complete all of the fields Facebook offers as options including categories and keywords. This will increase visibility and likelihood of people finding your event that have similar tastes and interests. Also be sure to select ‘kid friendly’ if that pertains to your event so people looking for family-friendly things to do can find you.


2. Start in Your Circle

When hosting a large public event, yes, your goal should be to get new people (potential customers) to attend and interact with your business or organization. But the best place to start is actually with the people already very familiar with your brand- your friends and family. These people are guaranteed to RSVP ‘going’ and like and share your event which will help get the ball rolling and make your event credible and interesting to others. So, right after you’ve created your event, click the ‘share’ button and select ‘Invite Friends’. You’ll then be able to choose the friends you would like to attend and directly invite them.

If you are hosting the event along with another organization, add them as a co-host so their followers see the event as well.


3. Post Updates in the Event

Now the RSVPs start rolling in and it’s starting to look like you’re going to have the best turn out yet… but don’t be so sure. Unfortunately, Facebook RSVPs don’t correlate to actual attendance. RSVPing on Facebook is very non-committal and people might say they are going, but now is the time you really have to sell them on why they should go instead of spending their Saturday night drinking wine at home in their sweatpants. Create excitement around your event by regularly posting updates in the actual Facebook Event. Each time you do this people who have RSVPed will be notified and reminded of your awesome upcoming event. This will increase the engagement on your event and keep people interested.


4.   Boost Your Event

Organic reach only goes so far, and today that reach is smaller than ever before. Delegate part of your event marketing budget to boost your Facebook Event to gain more exposure. And be sure to use Facebook’s targeting tools to reach the right people.

These are just some of the many options available to increase visibility for your event. If you need help with the promotion or planning of your event, give us a call at 515.276.6010 or shoot us an email at buzz@m2kmarketing.com and we would happy to help make your next event a success!