3 Reasons to Diversify Your Social Media Presence

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“I’m on Facebook, why do I need to be on Instagram?” We receive questions like this one often. And while it may be a challenge to find the time to post to just one social media channel, here’s why you need to spread the love.

You’re Missing Out on Potential Customers

Of course, we all have our favorite social media channels, but if your business’ presence is only on that preferred channel, you’re missing out on a large portion of potential customers. This doesn’t mean you need to join every network out there but think about your target audience. What channels are they using? We guarantee it’s more than one. Not sure? Ask. Consider adding a survey link on your website or current social media platforms.

Social Media is Ever Changing

Remember Myspace? How about Vine? At the time of their popularity, we never imagined they wouldn’t exist today. While I’m not suggesting Facebook is going away anytime soon, recent scandals have resulted in many people following the #DeleteFacebook movement. Circumstances like this remind us that nothing lasts forever. Businesses that utilize multiple channels mitigate the risk of losing their entire social presence when that channel inevitably fades away.

Increased Reputability & Visibility

Take a moment to search your company’s name on Google. What are the top results? First should be your website and top site pages, followed by your most active social channels. In the research-heavy, pre-purchase world we live in, this is essential! You must dominate (at least) the first page of a branded search.  When deciding whether or not to purchase your product or service, people are visiting more channels than you think to evaluate your company’s voice and decide if you’re the right fit for them. The more active channels your company has, the better.

Need help getting your business active on more social channels? Our social media specialists are experts at determining which platforms are right for businesses and tailoring messages to convert followers into sales. Give us a call at 515.276.6010 or shoot us an email at buzz@m2kmarketing.com to get started!  And remember, for more tips and tools to up your marketing game, follow M2K on Facebook Twitter, Instagram/m2kmarketing and LinkedIn.

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