3 Things That Make a Logo Great

Designing a good logo can be a challenge. We recently created a new logo for an annual golf event, the West Metro Golf Classic. Here are a few principles we followed to design a great logo.

Keep It Simple

Designers often follow the rule of K.I.S.S. which stands for Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Simple logos are easily recognized, memorable and get the message across quickly. We simply focused on the name of the event and added a few golf icons, as design elements, between the lines of type.

Make It Flexible

This logo will work well across a variety of applications; websites, printed materials, emails and promotional items. Even though it’s horizontal it will also look good in a vertical space. Because it’s simple it also translates well from color into black and white.

Give It Personality

When a logo represents a brand’s personality, and not a current fad, it will stand apart from the rest and remain strong over time. This logo reflects the time-honored tradition of the event. To achieve this we used a serif font, which gives the logo a traditional and business-like feel. The light blue and green colors were inspired by the sky and grass that golfers experience on the golf course. The golf ball and putter icons reinforce that this is a “Golf Classic.”

Following these principles makes the West Metro Golf Classic logo a great logo that will promote the outing for years to come.

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