3 Things Your Brand is Not

Ok, we admit it. We get a little giddy around here when an email rolls into the in-box with the subject line: “Branding RFP.”

Well, while RFP’s aren’t our favorite thing, we sure love working on branding projects. The understanding of client goals, the market research, developing buyer personas, mapping the customer journey, designing cool creative, crafting communication strategy, training internal staff on messaging and then — be still our heart – implanting the plan. Oh my!

But sadly, nine times out of ten, we open the RFP to find what the organization really wants/needs is a logo. Heavy sigh.

1. A logo alone does not a brand make.

A logo is part of a brand, but not your brand. A logo is part of your brand’s identity, but not your brand. A logo is important, but it’s not your brand. Did we mention a logo is not your brand?

A logo is really your trademark. It is a symbol of your brand.

2. A corporate or brand style guide is not your brand.

Style guides are important and provide needed direction for consistency of look and message. But it is not your brand.

3. And finally, a product is not your brand. Consumers buy products because of your brand.

What the heck is a brand, you say?

It’s a perception created in the mind of a buyer. It’s a feeling. Your brand may start with a logo or a look, or a tagline and consistent messaging, but it continues on with the qualities you communicate about your product and ultimately the experience a customer has when contacting or purchasing from you. It’s a process and a long one at that. One that needs to be invested in over time.

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